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  • How much do you charge?
    Please click on Packages to see what we offer for your party or event.
  • Do I pay a deposit and how?
    To secure the date for your event, you pay 50% upfront as a deposit and the remaining balance is due on the day of the event. A link will be sent to you via email to pay your deposit securely online. All major credit/debit cards are accepted!
  • How much space do you need to perform?
    The magic show is completely self-contained and does not require a large space. Providing a performance space of 6’ x 6’ would be ideal, plus additional space for the audience to sit and watch the show. We can usually make do with any room, but we prefer to have a wall behind us and the children can sit on the floor in front. The Balloon twisting has a very small footprint, but will attract a long line. Please make sure the line won't be in the way of the snack table or other important party spaces
  • How long is the magic show?
    It's around 30-35 minutes long. Set-up only takes a few minutes and does not cut into the showtime!
  • How many balloon animals can you make in an hour?
    We can make 30+ balloons in an hour. This allows for plenty of kids to get "seconds" when you have less than 20 kids! (some balloons will pop and some kids will want something different the second time around!)
  • How many kids can you paint in an hour?
    We can paint around 18 kids an hour. We recently had to upgrade our sanitizing and that cuts into our painting time. We advise you to book for balloons if you have more than 20 faces to paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

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